Earths Forbidden Secrets

Earths Forbidden Secrets

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In all reality, any reasonable theories need to be fully evaluated. All the world leadingarcheological teams need to combine their resources, all the available information needs to beaccessed and viewed together as a whole; all of the monuments need to be examined qen masseqand all the existing ancient texts from all countries need to be studied together as one, though dueto the worlds populations constant religious and racial bickering such a thing may never actuallyoccur.Many of these ancient tales have always been viewed exclusively as myth and fantasy, butwhen these ancient 'myths' are corroborated by each other and by physical evidence and whensuch inexplicable evidence is in turn found to be adequately explained by the myths then it standsto logic and reason that perhaps a more detailed scrutiny may perhaps be in order.Could some of these ancient texts and scriptures actually contain complex scientificinformation, hidden within the narrative in the form of code or numerology as Newton and manyothers have believed?Is there a coming 'Armageddon?'Would it be the sciences we have knowledge of now or would the evolution of the craft branch off in another completely ... 12 months in the year, 12 ancient Gods, 12 disciples etc, there is also the appearance of the number 432 or 432, 000 and anbsp;...

Title:Earths Forbidden Secrets
Author:Maxwell Igan
Publisher:Dubois Publishing - 2014-10-07


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