Easy Bath and Body Recipes

Easy Bath and Body Recipes

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With all of the concerns about harsh chemicals, toxic substances and carcinogens, there must be a way to have a fear free beauty regime. The solution? Make your own bath and beauty products! You would be amazed at how easy it is to make shampoos, soaps, bath oils and many other products, which makes you wonder why you haven't done it before. And for those of you who have already made your own bath and beauty products, you are bound to find many wonderful new recipes in this book. The a€œBath and Body Recipesa€ are categorized into Bath, Body Powders, Body Soaps/Scrubs, Perfumes/Body Sprays, Remedies, Hair, Lotions/Creams/Toners, Facial Soaps/Cleansers/Masks, Lip Balms, Deodorants, Teeth Care, Nail Care, Eye Care, Injuries a Sore Muscles and Massage Oils. This is the one book that you need to make your own bath and body products at home. Here are sample recipes from this book: Bath: Balancing Bath Oil Balancing Epson Salt Bath Basic Bubble Bath Basic Salt Bath Bath Cookies Cherry Berry Bubble Bath Lavender Bath Salts Lavender Dreams Bubble Bath Milk and Honey Bath Minty Fresh Bubble Bath Rose Bubble Bath Tropical Dream Bubble Bath Velvet Apple Bubble Bath Body Powders: Heavenly Body Powder Jasmine Body Powder Scented Dusting Powder Body Soaps/Scrubs: Cherry Cheesecake Soap Cinnamon Soap Honey and Almond Scrub Oatmeal Soap Wheat Germ Scrub Perfumes/Body Sprays: Basic Perfume Citrus Blooms Body Splash Enchanted Perfume Misty Passions Perfume Orient Nights Perfume Soothing Summer Body Spray Whispering Rain Perfume Remedies: Cough Syrup Horehound Candy - For Colds Sage and Honey Tea (Excellent for Sore Throats) Hair: Blonde Highlights Dry Brittle Hair Treatment Herbal Shampoo Homemade Hair Spray Homemade Scented Hair Gel Lemon Hair Rinse Revitalizing Avocado Hair Treatment Saltwater and Chlorine Buildup Hair Treatment Tropical Conditioner Lotions/Creams/Toners: Almond Lotion Cucumber Sunburn Lotion Dry Skin Lotion Glycerin and Rosewater Hand Cream Herbal Milk Toner Lavender and Calendula Lotion Seaweed Lotion Facial Soaps/Cleansers/Masks: Acne Treatment Anti-Aging Face Mask Anti-Wrinkle Oil Banana Mask for Dry Skin Blemished Skin Mask Clay Facial Masks for Smooth Skin Cucumber Mask for Oily Skin Fruit Salad Body Mask Grapefruit and Parsley Face Mask Herbal Astringent for Oily Skin Herbal Cleanser Nourishing Almond Oil Mask Peach Tightening Mask Strawberry Mask Lip Balms: Basic Lip Balm Honey Lip Balm Orange-Mango Lip Butter Peppermint Lip Balm Deodorants: Body and Foot Deodorants Cream Deodorant Radish Deodorant Sage Deodorizing Foot Powder Stick Deodorant Turnip Deodorant Teeth Care: All Natural Toothpaste Breath Fresheners Old Fashioned Tooth Powder Strawberry Tooth Cleanser Vanilla and Rose Geranium Toothpaste Spearmint Mouthwash Nail Care: Dill and Horsetail Nail Bath Dry Nails Fingernail Treatments Eye Care Injuries and Sore Muscles: Ankle or Elbow Sprain Strain or Finger Sprain Tennis Elbow Massage Oils: Basic Message Oil Blossom Groves Massage Oil Crescent Moon Massage Oil Exotic Patchouli Massage Oil Exquisite Sandalwood Massage Oil Forest Nights Massage Oil Night Dreams Massage Oil Passage of India Massage Oil Rose and Sandalwood Massage Oil Songs of the Orient Massage Oil Soothing Sensations Massage Oil Summer Rain Massage OilEye Care The best overall eye tonic is eyebright (an herb). Make a tea of it and either uses the teabags or soak cotton balls or soft gauze in the tea and apply to eyes as a compress while lying down. For puffy and swollen eyes, make a wetanbsp;...

Title:Easy Bath and Body Recipes
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