Easy Hand Tricks

Easy Hand Tricks

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More than 100 clever tricks you can perform anytime, anywhere. Amaze your friends with incredible feats of dexterity and manipulation using just your hands, feet, and a few basic household items. a€œRemove, a€ a€œstretch, a€ and a€œshrinka€ your fingers. Defy the laws of anatomy and turn your hand completely around. Make a spoon stick to the palm of your hand, and turn a pencil to rubber. Fool your friends with silly I.Q. tests worked with fingers, and entertain them with funny bits like the a€œtrained flea.a€ Try stunts, impressions, and challenges that you can do but spectators cana€™t. Each trick includes a script of what to say during every step of your performance, ensuring that youa€™ll get a a€œbig handa€ from your audience.Then turn the left hand palm up as you return the right first finger to the side of the wrist. You may ... Magic! Comedy! Surprise! Whata#39;s more, a neat little aquot;suckeraquot; effect. Hold up a tablespoon and say, aquot;I will now glue this to the palm of my hand.

Title:Easy Hand Tricks
Author:Bob Longe
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2004-03-01


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