Easy House Move

Easy House Move

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Wherever you are in the world, Easy House Move will help you plan and manage the significant task of moving house, and perhaps also relocating and adjusting to a new town, city, state or country. This book is for anyone who is moving house, wherever they happen to be in the world. Whether you are moving next door, from one end of your country to the other, or to a different country at the other end of the globe, then you will find sound, practical help in this book and the checklists and worksheets that you can download for free. Written by a relocation professional who has personally gone through this process many times and now does this everyday for other people, Easy House Move is practical and detailed. There are 17 worksheets and checklists to download and use to help you organize your move and minimize the stress commonly associated with a move. This guide is about more than moving your belongings. You will also learn how to go about leaving your rental home or selling or leasing your current home. Before then being taken through the steps of finding a new home to rent or buy. If you are moving to a new city, state or country, Easy House Move provides valuable tips and guidance on how to search for your new home in a new place, how to find new schools and family activities and advice on moving with pets and settling into a new community. By using this book you will: Am Create a practical plan for your move Am Prioritize the tasks that you need to do Am Learn what needs to be done and when Am Use the tasks lists for each stage of the process Am Consider who else can help you with the move Am Decide what your priorities are for the new home Am Learn how to establish yourself in a new location Am Reduce the stress that is often associated with moving homes Am Download 17 worksheets and checklists to assist with your moveTask 3: Receive Itemized Quotations Ask the moving companies to itemize the quote so that you can see the additional costs for some optional extras. It is worth asking about the cost of having the movers pack for you (which will includeanbsp;...

Title:Easy House Move
Author:Jo Reardon
Publisher:Settled In Pty Ltd - 2013-12-04


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