Easy Rider

Easy Rider

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More and more Kiwis are keen to take up cycling, but don't know how to start. Popular media personality Jon Bridges wants to take biking to the masses a€“ and have a good dose of fun along the way. Easy Rider outlines the many joys of riding a bike in New Zealand, and provides a complete beginners' guide a€“ from riding for fun, to commuting, riding for fitness, mountain biking and even racing. We learn about the reasons for, the reasons against (there aren't any), the basics of buying a bike and getting started, riding in New Zealand traffic, training and racing, safety and etiquette, maintenance, gizmos, gadgets, Lycra a€“ and so much more. Told with Jon's amiable sense of comedy, boundless energy and passion for the subject, and accompanied by illustrations and photographs throughout, Easy Rider is your one-stop bike shop. Two-wheeled heaven is just one enjoyable read away. (This book, that is.) 'There is no doubt [Bridges] is a converted cycling enthusiast . . . once you have read his reasons why you should pedal with your legs rather than motor on your backside, you too will be a convert.' --NZ Fitnessneed the next frame size up a€” unless, of course, the stem can be adjusted to give you more room. If you find a bike that fits, but plan to keep looking, keep a record of the seat height and also of the horizontal top tube measurement. You can get the latter figure from the relevant brochure. I know mine is 560-565 mm for a road bike, and about 600 mm for a mountain bike. ... for the chart that shows a diagram of a frame and then gives all the tube lengths and angles for each size of frame.

Title:Easy Rider
Author:John Bridges
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2012-10-24


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