Eat Away Illness

Eat Away Illness

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What can be done to slow aging, relieve illness, and extend life? Renowned medical researcher Carson Wade provides the answer in this brand-new, completely revised and expanded edition of his bestseller. He states that certain foods, containing antioxidants, can literally halt the qbiological clockq ticking inside you and rejuvenate your body from head to toe. What are these miracle foods? Simple, inexpensive fruits, beverages, and vegetables that work inside your body to attack qfree radicalsq, the primary cause of illness and aging. These antioxidant foods turn your body into a fortress against infection and illness and give you a glorious new feeling of health and vitality. You'll discover how to use these foods to . . . erase aging, fade age spots, and give yourself qforever youngq skin; qwash awayq cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and achieve good cardiovascular health naturally; relieve the headaches, hot flashes, and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause; stop the agony of arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism while helping joints regain youthful, pain-free mobility; qwash awayq extra pounds and become trim and slim, without dieting; and banish the blues, melt away anxiety, and calm your nerves in minutes. You'll also find dozens of documented case histories of people from all over who have experienced the amazing curative power of these antioxidant foods. Whether you use these proven-effective natural remedies to relieve illness, or simply to help maintain good health, you'll be using some of the most potent secrets nature has to offer!How to Age-Proof Your Body with Antioxidant Foods Carlson Wade. Elevated Triglycerides Pose Life Threat Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., M.D., chairman of the department of Medicine at Baylor College, ... Thata#39;s less a€” not how much you should have.

Title:Eat Away Illness
Author:Carlson Wade
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1992


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