Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

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Dispelling the myth that chocolate is just a qjunk food, q Dr. Will Clower uses cutting-edge research to highlight the health benefits of consuming chocolate on a daily basis. Readers will learn how the antioxidants found in chocolate can boost metabolism and how, by eating chocolate in specific ways, they can pull their qsweet toothq so they eat less sugar and control cravings. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight features the Chocolate Challengea€”an 8-week, science-based plan designed to help readers relieve stress, promote heart health, lower blood sugar, stop cravings, increase metabolism, and shed pounds. Featuring a 6-week meal plan and more than 50 delicious chocolate recipes, Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight contains meal options for days when readers can't get enough of their favorite flavor, as well as times when they may want to hide chocolate in other foods while still taking advantage of its health benefits. The book also includes information on which chocolate provides the most health benefits and weight loss and the optimal amount of daily chocolate intake. Complete with stories and tips from real people who have tried the plan and lost more than 75 pounds, readers can finally have their chocolate and eat it too!If youjust eat high-cocoa chocolate and dona#39;t exercise, do you still get the increase in capillaries to your muscles? ... I dona#39;t want them to think, a€œIa#39;ll just launch into a choco-chow-down until I get the energy surge I need to do something more.

Title:Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight
Author:Will Clower
Publisher:Rodale - 2014-02-04


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