Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small

Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small

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This is a very basic, easy to read and understand book that teaches the reader how all human beings are meant to eat. Following the three simple rules outlined in this book will inevitably result in better health and a reduction in unwanted, surplus body fat. Infants eat this way, professional athletes eat this way, and so do diabetics. The weight loss industry has made the quest for successful weight loss so complicated that we've forgotten the most basic fundamentals of healthy eating. If you are looking for a simple, no B.S., straight to the point lesson on how to reduce body fat and achieve optimal health, this book is a qmust read.q No gimmicks, no memberships, no special foods, no classes, no counseling, no scales, no contests, no measurements, nothing. Simply eating good food directly from the grocery store, eating often throughout the day and in the right amount will guarantee you the trim, healthy body that you desire.So, assuming we get two strips of bacon, two eggs, one cup of home fries, two whole grain slices ofbuttered toast, one cup of orange juice and a ... Leta#39;s assume that wea#39;ll be having a regular coffee (milk and sugar), and a raisin bran muffin.

Title:Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small
Author:A Gino Spada
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2012-12-01


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