Eat the Rich

Eat the Rich

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P.J. sets off on a world tour to investigate funny economics. Having seen a€˜gooda€™ capitalism on Wall Street, he looks at a€˜bada€™ capitalism in Albania, views a€˜gooda€™ socialism in Sweden and endures a€˜bada€™ socialism in Cuba. The result is the worlda€™s only astute, comprehensive and concise presentation of the basic principles of economics that can make you laugh on purpose. a€˜P.J. Oa€™Rourke is the acceptable face of US Republican arrogance. He sneers so irresistibly, you cough up your liberal guts laughinga€™ Observer a€˜The first thing you learn about Oa€™Rourke is this: he cannot turn off his mirth valve. Such is the severity of P.J.a€™s condition, the only person to have more entries in The Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations is Oscar Wilde. This makes Oa€™Rourke either the funniest man alive, or the wittiest heterosexual of all time . . . In Eat the Rich, Oa€™Rourkea€™s ninth book, he squares up to the daunting topic of the worlda€™s wealth: who has it, who hasna€™t and whya€™ Mail on Sunday a€˜P.J. at his scathing best . . . This is economics for the uninitiateda€™ Irish NewsIf a pyramid scheme grows in a simple exponential mannera€”101, 102, 10 3, etc. a€”it takes only ten layers of that pyramid to include ... So, like baby boomers, they invested. The Albanians invested in pyramid schemes. The pyramids grew. 3.

Title:Eat the Rich
Author:P. J. O'Rourke
Publisher:Pan Macmillan - 2011-11-11


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