Eco-Innovation: The Toyota Prius Case

Eco-Innovation: The Toyota Prius Case

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The aim of this paper is to argue why the Toyota Prius can be classified as product eco-innovation and to study why the eco-innovation Toyota Prius has been successful. For this purpose the general literature on eco-innovation is reviewed and applied on the specific case of the Prius. The paper is organized as follows: section 2.1 provides a brief overview of the different definitions of the term eco-innovation that are proposed in the literature. Next, section 2.2 depicts the factors determining the success of an eco-innovation which are named in the eco-innovation literature. After this, section 3 introduces the case of the Toyota Prius and argues why the Prius can be classified as product eco-innovation. Then, section 4 studies which determinants of eco-innovation have contributed to the success of the Prius. Finally, section 5 summarizes the findings of this paper and evaluates them critically.The environmental problems in general, the climate change problem in particular as well as the scarcity of fossil resources ... 2009, P. 1). In 1997 Toyota has launched the Toyota Prius a€“ the worlda#39;s first commercialized hybrid car combining ananbsp;...

Title:Eco-Innovation: The Toyota Prius Case
Author:Felix Reutter
Publisher:GRIN Verlag - 2013-11-11


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