Economic Foundations of Law second edition

Economic Foundations of Law second edition

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Economic Foundations of Law (2nd ed.) provides an economic analysis of the major areas of the law: property law, torts, contracts, criminal law, civil procedure, corporation law and financial markets, taxation and labor law. In line with current trends in legal scholarship, discussion is focused on economic principles such as risk aversion, efficiency, opportunity cost, moral hazard, rent-seeking behaviour and economies of scale. Accessible, comprehensive and well written, this book uses extensive practical examples and explanations to illustrate key points. There are numerous applications to lawyers and the legal profession, with detailed discussions of subjects as diverse as the proposed market for transplantable human organs, the market for adoptions, the market for bail bonds, the unanticipated effects of Megana€™s law, and issues of racial profiling. Fully updated and revised, a new chapter on labor law has also been included.The reality is that very few unknown songwriters ever become known. Publishers enter into contracts with many aspiring songwriters, and make substantial investments in them, in the hope that ... The profits generated for the publisher from the few who succeed offset the losses incurred by the publisher on the many who fail.

Title:Economic Foundations of Law second edition
Author:Stephen Spurr
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-06-24


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