Economic Logic Fourth Edition

Economic Logic Fourth Edition

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a€œEureka! Skousen has done the impossible. Students love it! I will never use another textbook again.a€a€”Harry Veryser, University of Detroit-Mercy They said it couldna€™t be done. Austrian economics is so different, they said, that it couldna€™t be integrated into standard a€œneo-classicala€ textbooks. Consequently, college students learn nothing about the great Austrian economists (Mises, Hayek, Schumpeter). Professor Mark Skousena€™s Economic Logic aims to change that. Based on his popular course taught at Columbia University, Skousen starts his a€œmicroa€ section with Carl Mengera€™s a€œtheory of the gooda€ and the profit-and-loss income statement to explain the dynamics of the market process, entrepreneurship, and the advantages of saving. Then he uses a powerful Hayekian four-stage model of the economy to introduce a€œmacro, a€ including a new Austrian measure of spending at all stages of production (Gross Domestic Expenditures). Economic Logic also offers chapters on: The international gold standard, the defects of central banking, and the Mises/Hayek theory of the business cycle. A full critique of the Keynesian Aggregate Supply and Demand (AS-AD) model, and a revolutionary Austrian alternative. Entrepreneurship, the financial markets, environmental economics, monetary policy and inflation, federal spending and taxes, and government regulation. Leaders of all schools, including Austrian, Keynesians, Marxist, Chicago, and Public Choice.... 434-436 Scotland, free banking in, 452 Scottish-American Investment Trust, 303 Scully, Gerald W., 468 Sears, 81-84 ... 27, 30, 34, 54, 62 Sewing machine, 256-257, 264 Shareholders (see stockholders) Sharpe, William, 321 Sherman Anti-Trust ... 310, 317, 364 Silver, 426 Silver standard, 427 Simon, Herbert, 158 Simons, Henry C., 181 Singapore, 650-651 Singer, ... 244, 401 growth model, 398-399, 655-656 Somalia, 464 Sony Corporation, 157-58 Soros, George, 276 Soviet Union, anbsp;...

Title:Economic Logic Fourth Edition
Author:Mark Skousen
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2013-10-29


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