Economics for Environmental Professionals

Economics for Environmental Professionals

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Environmental professionals are often called upon to find solutions to environmental degradation problems or to lead the way in planning to prevent them. Because they come mainly from the environmental and science disciplines, most environmental professionals have limited training in the fundamentals of economics. This book is designed to provide those professionals not only with the basic principles of economics for foundational purposes but also the economic pros and cons to consider when making critical decisions on environmental issues. Economics for Environmental Professionals provides a fully explanatory, quantitative, and practical introduction to a wide range of topics that make up the science of environmental economics. Moreover, it showcases the power of economic principles to explain and predict issues and current events impacting the environment. It discusses the economics relevant to the environmental mediums of air, water, and land and provides pertinent information on air toxics, hazardous wastes, and other related topics. It provides environmental professionals with the education not only to understand the nuts and bolts of economic analysis but also to conduct economic analyses. Throughout the book, the author joins economics and environmental practice with common-sense approaches and practical real-world examples. Designed to stimulate thought, the book explores strategies for maintaining a safe environment without excessive regulation and cost. With the information in this book, environmental professionals will have an understanding of the framework in which environmental problems exist, what they cost, how to pay for them, and what the payback is (if any).Atmospheric pressure varies from 1000 millibars (mb) at sea level to 10 mb at 100, 000 feet. ... MOISTURE IN THE ATMOSPHERE On a hot day when clouds build up signifying that a storm is imminent, we do ... At dew point, water condenses around minute airborne particulate matter to make tiny cloud droplets forming cloudsa€” clouds from which ... How does temperature affect atmospheric conditions?

Title:Economics for Environmental Professionals
Author:Frank R. Spellman
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-04-13


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