Ecophysiology of Desert Birds

Ecophysiology of Desert Birds

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The scientific study of birds in arid regions has been conducted more or less intensively for about 40 years. This is an appropriate time to draw together the threads of the diverse research on birds living in such an extreme environment. Topics include: Desert Avifaunas; Food and Energy; Water - Drinking; Water Regulation; Thermoregulation; Timing of Breeding; Ecology of Breeding.The minimum water requirement when drinking distilled water was about 10% ( 8.8-10.3%) of body mass per day; the mean ad libitum ... Plumed (Spinifex) Pigeon Geophaps plumifera The Plumed (or Spinifex) Pigeon inhabits semi-arid and arid regions of Australia often, but ... of body mass; some birds did not even increase their water consumption over a TA range of 20-30 AdC (Cade and Dybas 1962).

Title:Ecophysiology of Desert Birds
Author:Gordon L. Maclean
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1996


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