Ecstatic Trance

Ecstatic Trance

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Ecstatic Trance contains in-depth information on 60 ritual body postures and describes them in precise, accurate detail, with clear illustrations. The first complete manual on this subject, presented here are age-old postures (one dates back 32, 000 years and was inspired by a cave painting) along with newly-researched postures, published here for the first time. Learn these postures and access, energize, and integrate your creative potential. Practicing these postures also leads to new insights into healing, inner development, and rebirth. And combined with appropriate rhythmic stimulation--music and dance, for example--the postures can engender a profound change in consciousness, leading the participant to experience altered states of reality including visions and ecstatic trance states. The postures themselves do not promote any one belief system or dogma but are elements in an overall shamanic worldview.The Toltecs and the Aztecs later described the Olmecs in their language as aquot;the people who make the white stuff, the rubber.aquot; The Olmecs ... The Olmecs worked on jade, one of the hardest of stones, without the benefit of metal tools! ... Many of the objects created in the Olmec style served the task of illustrating the cosmology of the Olmecs in order to make the shamanic conception of the world visible.

Title:Ecstatic Trance
Author:Felicitas D. Goodman, Nana Nauwald
Publisher:Binkey Kok, Holland - 2003-10-01


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