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What do skydiving, rock climbing, and downhill skiing have in common with stock-trading, unprotected sex, and sadomasochism? All are high risk pursuits. Edgework explores the world of voluntary risk-taking, investigating the seductive nature of pursuing peril and teasing out the boundaries between legal and criminal behavior; conscious and unconscious acts; sanity and insanity; acceptable risk and stupidity. The distinguished contributors to this collection profile high risk-takers and explore their experiences with risk through such topics as juvenile delinquency, street anarchism, sadomasochism, avant-garde art, business risks, and extreme sport.Similar to the flight attendants at Delta, we found that river guides share a collective appreciation for the need to ... rafting in the southeastern (Chattooga, Nantahala, and Ocoee rivers) and the southwestern (Colorado) United States. ... and staff and participant-observation (attending raft guide school, accompanying commercial and training river trips, and videotaping) over an eleven-month period.

Author:Stephen Lyng
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2005


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