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Edu-lution is a common sense approach to the qeducational evolutionq that is long overdue in America. This book explores the many problems our teachers, parents, students, and society face, as well as research-based suggestions aimed at improving each of those facets. qEdu-lutionistsq realize that our country has fallen behind and are adamant about making immediate changes before it is too late. An innovative blend of education, psychology, ethics, politics, and unbiased truth, Edu-lution offers strategies that should be implemented by every citizen to ensure America gets back on the right path and remains a reputable nation for generations to come. q Edu-lution offers an insightful, deliberate and common sense approach for dealing with the problems facing our children and future. Tippitt's 'back-to-basics with a new attitude' approach engages teachers, parents, school administration, businesses, and children. Tippitt has started the conversation. Now it is up to us to continue it. Our children deserve nothing less.q Illiff McMahan, Jr. - Mayor, Cocke County, TN q Edu-lution is a blueprint for learning for students, parents, educators, and the public.q Larry B. Blazer - Superintendent of Schools, Cocke County, TN q Every student must read this book to gain insight as to how the educational experience could be. Every parent must read this book to understand the crisis in today's educational system. Every educator must read this book, look inside himself/herself, and realize their importance in shaping the lives of students in turmoil today.q Peggy Hammonds - retired High School Math Teacher and District Instructional Supervisor qEdu-lution is a must read for anyone that has children or works with children. An eye opening book, Tippitt's insight into the educational system is both revealing and alarming. A clarion call for parents and educators to inject a renewed emphasis of morality in our schools and homes immediately.q Pastor Keith Pierce - Cades Cove Baptist Fellowship, Maryville, TN qMr. Tippitt possesses all the necessary skills and charisma to motivate students to perform their best. He makes learning relevant and interesting. As a result, his students have a high level of mastery and understanding of the skills and concepts being taught. Our students' response has been overwhelmingly positive.q Rob Britt - Principal, Carpenters Middle School, Blount County, TNWell, to answer that question, he had tenure (I will discuss in more detail in Chapter 5). XVI. ... If you are a math teacher and do not give aquot;4-Maquot; tests (a timed four minute test containing 100 basic multiplication facts), I strongly suggest that youanbsp;...

Author:Andy Tippitt
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2008-07


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