Educational Therapy in Action

Educational Therapy in Action

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This book provides an in-depth look at what a little-known clinician, the educational therapist, does and how they do it. It goes behind the cliniciana€™s door to illustrate the unusual and broad range of interventions a€“ both academic/vocational and social/emotional a€“ that an educational therapist employs. This particular case study involves a young woman named Nora who had a severe but undiagnosed auditory processing disorder. She could not give meaning to the spoken language that came at her too rapidly, leaving her in a constant fog of words that she couldna€™t comprehend. This case discloses the problems, their causes, and the emotional toll that had to be considered when developing an effective educational/therapeutic plan for Nora. It vividly illustrates the dynamic exchanges and mutual learning that goes on between client and therapist. Parts I and II illustrate how the psycho-educational interventions that addressed Noraa€™s academic and non-academic needs were gradually formulated over the first year. Part III provides a series of vignettes from subsequent years that illustrate the ongoing applications of the therapista€™s work. Distinguishing Features Explanatory Sidebars a€“ The rationale behind particular techniques and interventions is clarified through a system of explanatory sidebars that inform the reader without distracting from the story. This approach makes the book both an instructional tool well as compelling story. Organic Curriculum a€“ The rationale for and application of an qorganic (personalized) curriculumq is explained and applied throughout the book as a model for others to use in working with this population. A Longitudinal Perspective a€“ The initial work with Nora began many years ago, so this book provides a long view of her life and tracks the influences that educational therapy exerted on her development into a fully functioning adult. Cognitive/Emotional Integration a€“ The core of educational therapy a€“ the interdependence of cognitive skills and emotional response a€“ is clearly documented throughout the book. In addition to educational therapy students and practitioners, this book is appropriate for those working in related fields such as special education, school psychology, school counselling, and social work in educational settings.... action, and our Organic Curriculum ranges from the purpose of tears to the complex language of the Constitution. ... Nora is distressed by her SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores from the tests she took in the fall semester before our work together. ... seen the devastating effect on my students of that fateful a€œ Envelope, a€ the rite of passage of the a€œkillera€ 11th grade year, ... test prep books, training DVDs filled with strategies and practice tests, specialized tutors and a€œ essay consultantsa€ toanbsp;...

Title:Educational Therapy in Action
Author:Dorothy Fink Ungerleider
Publisher:Routledge - 2011-08-15


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