Efficient C Programming

Efficient C Programming

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This book teaches disciplined, readable, and efficient programming in the C programming language (as described in ANSI 90), with an emphasis on solving the types of problems that are widely encountered by programmers. Follows three major themes: basic C, efficient C, and other C topics. Covers the general layout of a C program, control structures, functions, the C preprocessor, and the use of C to achieve efficient programs. Explores the I/O library, UNIX programming, and an introduction to C++. For anyone needing an introduction to programming in C.0 The Pascal syntax A [i , j ] is wrong for C. The compiler might not even wam you because the comma operator will be applied, ... After the free, *Ptr is undefined. ... 0 Although pointers can be used to achieve call by reference, remember that the value of a formal pointer parameter ... Again, cross out all multiplies of P. Repeat these steps until P is greater than the square root of N. The numbers that haveanbsp;...

Title:Efficient C Programming
Author:Mark Allen Weiss
Publisher: - 1995


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