Eight Days in an Inner City School

Eight Days in an Inner City School

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This book is written primarily in an authentic dialogue style. It fearlessly describes the consequences of the failure to appropriately prepare a student to become an inner-city teacher. While doing so, the book also exposes a system that has been slammed to the ground by policies, practices, and court decisions that protect the rights of everyone except those who teach and those who desire to learn, but leave these dedicated individuals constantly vulnerable to the violence, anger, hostility, and hopelessness that seem to be a hallmark of so many of our inner-city schools. As this young teacher closes the classroom door and stands alone, a stark picture emerges, a picture that, for the reader, will provoke anger, occasional outrage, and most certainly controversy. At the heart of this story, the author reconstructs, sometimes minute-by-minute, the events and interactions that combine to compel him to leave this first teaching assignment abruptly with a profound sense of confusion, self-doubt, and betrayal. Not limited to the classroom, this tale includes interludes that are informative, occasionally humorous, and sometimes amazingly frank. But what becomes obvious is that the recounting of this experience reveals an open wound and is a plea to the reader to recognize deep pain and justifiable anger. In so doing, it reflects the same quandary and frustrations that continue to be felt by millions of teachers and other educators who are frequently and severely criticized by those who simply do not understand why students and educators trapped in this environment so frequently fail to thrive and succeed and finally choose to leave.Clueless Supervisors In addition to all of my student teaching and the lesson planning that went with it, I still had more ... For example, my first week, I chose a€œ honora€ and explained what the natives do to exhibit this quality. My second week on the reservation I chose a€œhonesty.a€ And so on. With everything else we were doing, between grading papers and our lunchroom duties, the best we could do wasanbsp;...

Title:Eight Days in an Inner City School
Author:Dan Golarz
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-12-01


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