Einstein's Theories of Relativity

Einstein's Theories of Relativity

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Einstein's Theories of Relativity looks at the life and times of the man himself and the beliefs about the laws of physics prior to his theories. It explains what relativity is, a how we can understand it in relation to our everyday lives, before investigating in detail the theories of Special and General Relativity. The book goes on to show how these amazing ideas opened up a whole new understanding of universal forces, from the power in the nucleus of an atom to the way massive bodies in space behave.Perhaps it was possible for a star to collapse in on itself so much that light or matter could not escape from it. You would ... In the extreme conditions of the Big Bang, matter did not exist as the atoms or molecules that we are familiar with today.

Title:Einstein's Theories of Relativity
Author:Alan Morton
Publisher:Evans Brothers - 2008-09-01


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