Elderberry Wine Vintage 2010

Elderberry Wine Vintage 2010

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Elderberry Wine, Vintage 2010 is an anthology of student writing from the Mature Learning Program at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, offers something for everyone. The pieces in this collection range from Poetry sonnets and haiku, free verse, meter and rhyme; to fiction both fanciful and serious; and nostalgia for the past and visions of the future. Come along on adventures in a swampy town in the American South in the 1930s, an apartment building in the squalid northwest Portland of the 1970s, and the lair of a drug lord in the Caribbean of the 1980s. Exploring all manner of topics, from the natural world to the lives of houses to human life and aging, this collection presents a wide range of unique views and perspectives on life with something for everyone. Looking for Love The little green lizard struts across the woman's porch railing with a proprietary air, then suddenly stops and flicks down a flap of vermilion colored skin from his throat and freezes in place. He bobs his head up and down several times before moving on. Wordless soundless but with such eloquence of expression does he signal his desire for a mate that, without conscious intent, the woman touches fingers to her throat, then catches herself and with a rueful smile, nods back. Herb Stokes, long-time creative writing studentA week later we sat on two small chairs in a room surrounded by a litter of Ragdoll kittens. The owner ... Several clawed at my pant legs and attempted to climb up on to my lap. I picked ... my lap. At the end of the visit the owner announced she would be honored to sell us one of the male kittens at a discounted price of $550.

Title:Elderberry Wine Vintage 2010
Author:Deborah Guyol
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011


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