Electric Living

Electric Living

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Probably the greatest tragedy of the human race is the failure of the overwhelming majority of people to realize their dreams. Your dreams are realized as a result of creating power in your life. But, because most people have no clue about how to create power in their lives, their dreams remain unrealized. With that being said, quite naturally the question becomes, qHow do I create power in my life?q The answer to this question is found within the pages of this book. Think about the following: You cannot turn on the light in your home without electric power. In the same fashion, you cannot turn on the dreams in your life without personal power. Electric Living: The Powerful Life! demonstrates the process of creating that personal power necessary to turn on the dreams in your life by relating it to the electric power necessary to turn on a common light bulb in your home. That is my promise to you, the reader. This is NOT just another motivational book! And here is why: as you will learn, motivation is only part of the formula for creating power. If all you want is motivation, there are countless other books that you can purchase. Yes, Electric Living: The Powerful Life! will motivate you, but it does not stop there. This book goes the extra mile and gives you a formula for creating power - the personal power necessary to realize the dreams in your life!So, while on the outside it may appear to be nice to have no obstacles and fears, we really do ourselves a disservice by not having some sort of fear to challenge us; some sort of fear ... If the muscle could talk, it would probably say, a€œWhy should I get bigger and stronger if I dona#39;t have to? ... And if you are making your muscle lift a heavy weight over and over, your muscle begins to think, a€œHey, this is hard.

Title:Electric Living
Author:Kolie E. Crutcher, III
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-12-01


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