Electric Machines

Electric Machines

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Ubiquitous in daily life, electric motors/generators are used in a wide variety of applications, from home appliances to internal combustion engines to hybrid electric cars. They produce electric energy in all electric power plants as generators and motion control that is necessary in all industries to increase productivity, save energy, and reduce pollution. With its comprehensive coverage of the state of the art, Electric Machines: Steady State, Transients, and Design with MATLABAr addresses the modeling, design, testing, and manufacture of electric machines to generate electricity, or in constant or variable-speed motors for motion control.Organized into three stand-alone sectionsa€”Steady State, Transients, and FEM Analysis and Optimal Designa€”the text provides complete treatment of electric machines. It also: Explores international units Contains solved and proposed numerical examples throughout Guides students from simple to more complex math models Offers a wealth of problems with hints The book contains numerous computer simulation programs in MATLAB and SimulinkAr, available on an accompanying CD-ROM, to help readers make a quantitative assessment of various parameters and performance indices of electric machines. Skillfully unifying symbols throughout the book, the authors present a great deal of invaluable practical laboratory work that has been classroom-tested in progressively modified forms. This textbook presents expressions of parameters, modeling, and characteristics that are directly and readily applicable for industrial RaD in fields associated with electric machines industry for modern (distributed) power systems and industrial motion control via power electronics.Now if we represent graphically the measured short-circuit current, Isc, versus voltage, we get the results as shown in Figure 5.25. ... Tests at zero speed with an PWM inverter at low frequency f1 = Snf1 = f2n should be proper for the purpose. ... and rated power factor), the Isc (Vsc) straight line from tests at zero speed ( Figure 5.25a) intersects the abscissa at Es (6a€“12V in 220V per phase, 50(60) Hz IMs).

Title:Electric Machines
Author:Ion Boldea, Lucian Nicolae Tutelea
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-11-24


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