Electrical Systems for Architects

Electrical Systems for Architects

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Architects: Design Electrical Systems with Ease! As an architect, you're the final authority on the design a application of a building's electrical system whether you do the work or a contractor does it for you. That's why Electrical Systems for Architects, by Ali Dadras, AIA, is so useful a unique-it's the first guide of its kind written by an architect for architects. Step-by-step, you'll see how to design a place electrical systems within the overall design, prepare construction documents, even check someone else's work. And you'll benefit from clear, simple explanations of: energy production-turbines, generators, direct a alternating currents, system components a calculations; conductors-wires, cables, design systems; electrical service-local calculations, types a systems of devices used to serve power; circuits-design of general a special use circuits for residential a commercial application; electrical systems-codes, licenses, permits, voltage systems, transformer systems, motor types, control a design criteria; a much more.... source. coefficient of utilization The ratio of the lumens from a luminaire received on a work plane to (CU) the lumens emitted by the luminairea#39;s lamp(s). lt depends on the particular space as well as on the fixture. coil A wire or cable wound inanbsp;...

Title:Electrical Systems for Architects
Author:Aly S. Dadras
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Companies - 1995-01-01


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