Electrochemical Capacitors and Hybrid Power Batteries 2008

Electrochemical Capacitors and Hybrid Power Batteries 2008

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Electrochemical capacitors in part or in whole on the electrical double later at electrode interfaces have found application in a variety of energy storage applications. Paper for the symposium are solicited that cover all fundamental and practical aspects of ultracapacitors, supercapacitors, and similar electrochemical energy conversion devices, including: 1) double layer and/or pseudo-capacitance of carbons, conducting polymers, and advanced inorganic materials, 2) synthesis and characterization of high surface area materials for electrochemical capacitors, 3) development and optimization of practical ultra- and super-capacitor components, including current collectors, electrodes, electrolytes, separators and packaging, 4) performance of new device designs and construction using symmetric and asymmetric electrode constructions, 5) mathematical models for performance characterization, 6) comparison of energy, power, and lifetime characteristics of hybrid fuel cell and battery power sources utilizing electrochemical capacitors. Keynote speakers will present tutorials covering recent advances and future directions for electrochemical capacitor technology.The cost per energy stored and the charge - discharge performance still require improvement for large scale ... The effect of sulfur either increased the capacitance or did not contribute to capacitance depending on carbon preparation conditions. ... These elements become significant because of the exceptionally large surface areas (1000a#39;s of m /g) that can be ... BET measurement) per gram would be obtained from micropores, the highest capacitance does not necessarily follow thisanbsp;...

Title:Electrochemical Capacitors and Hybrid Power Batteries 2008
Author:P. Simon
Publisher:The Electrochemical Society - 2008-10


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