Electromagnetic Anisotropy and Bianisotropy

Electromagnetic Anisotropy and Bianisotropy

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The topics of anisotropy and bianisotropy are fundamental to electromagnetics from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. These properties underpin a host of complex and exotic electromagnetic phenomenons in naturally occurring materials and in relativistic scenarios, as well as in artificially produced metamaterials. As a unique guide to this rapidly developing field, the book provides a unified presentation of key classic and recent results on the studies of constitutive relations, spacetime symmetries, planewave propagation, dyadic Green functions, and homogenization of composite materials. This book also offers an up-to-date extension to standard treatments of crystal optics with coverage on both linear and weakly nonlinear regimes. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: The Maxwell Postulates and Constitutive Relations (380 KB). Contents: The Maxwell Postulates and Constitutive Relations; Linear Mediums; Spacetime Symmetries and Constitutive Dyadics; Planewave Propagation; Dyadic Green Functions; Homogenization; Nonlinear Mediums. Readership: Academics and professionals interested in crystal optics and electromagnetic fields in complex materials, including anisotropic, bianisotropic, and chiral materials and metamaterials.A Field Guide Tom G. Mackay ... optic ray axes a€” only one energy velocity is permissible [6].1 For dissipative mediums, both ep and eq are necessarily complex-valued with Im {ep(w), eq(w)} agt; 0; in which case Re {ep(w), eq(w)} and Im {ep(u;), anbsp;...

Title:Electromagnetic Anisotropy and Bianisotropy
Author:Tom G. Mackay
Publisher:World Scientific - 2009-11-20


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