Electronics for Computer Technology

Electronics for Computer Technology

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New from Delmar Learning, Electronics for Computer Technology is perfect for today's career-minded students as well as anyone with a keen interest in troubleshooting computer devices, components and electrical circuits. The first chapter introduces system-level topics, including representative systems, system notations, functional hierarchies, system connectivity, and system-level troubleshooting. In subsequent chapters, direct references are made to system applications in order to put each topic in the context of an overall system. Some software (programming) topics are addressed, yet emphasis throughout the book is on hardware, including all of the physical parts of the computer plus various electronic components within the computer. Electronic devices are also discussed, along with an overview of digital electronics, computers, and telecommunications. Readers will learn to apply system-level troubleshooting techniques to localize the detailed troubleshooting effort. Benefits: new system-level thinking and troubleshooting skills may be used to open doors to employment or as preparation for advanced study of modern industrial electronics, robotics, or other industrial control systems qSystem Perspectiveq features appear at strategic points, illustrating how a device or circuit being discussed is actually used in a practical, functional system such as a computer qCircuit Explorationq exercises are included in every chapter, providing opportunities to gain hands-on troubleshooting experience in a lab setting or circuit simulation environment step-by-step calculator sequences are provided whenever a new type of calculation is introduced, minimizing the learning curve for novices CD includes pre-created MultiSIM circuits and Textbook Edition of MultiSIM the behavior of components is discussed and explained in terms of Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, and basic circuit principles wherever practical, making this book ideal for beginners numerical circ... 156 Functional block diagram, for an oscillator circuit, 508 Functional blocks, in notebook computers, 427-428 Functional modules, 11-12 Fundamental frequency, 168 Fuses, 64-66, 448^49 categories of, 65-66 current rating of, 65 responseanbsp;...

Title:Electronics for Computer Technology
Author:David L. Terrell
Publisher:Delmar Pub - 2003


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