Electronics for You, March 2015

Electronics for You, March 2015

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The demand for electronics wearables is increasing everyday and so is their variety. The latest issue of Electronics For You brings to you the list of amazing wearables along with the information to select your own smartwatch and a modern multimeter. It will also help you to use the new style of scopes and will guide you about the SMT equipments.Since the circuit transmits on tenth harmonic of crystal frequency, audio deviation is also multiplied by a factor of 10. ... PARTS LIST Semiconductors: IC1 - LM386 low-power audio amplifier IC2 - 74HC14 hex inverting Schmitt trigger IC3 - 7805, ... varactor diode Resistors (all 1/4-watt, Ap5% carbon): R1 - 22-kilo-ohm R2 - 100- kilo-ohm R3 -470-kilo-ohm Capacitors: C1, C5 ... ANT.1 - 75cm long wire - 12V adapter An actual-size, single-side PCB for the baby monitor circuit is shown in Fig.

Title:Electronics for You, March 2015
Author:EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-06-24


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