Elements of Classical Physics

Elements of Classical Physics

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Elements of Classical Physics tackles the different areas of general physics in a way that the authors believe to be more effective. The book contains material easily understood with a minimal mathematical framework and introduces the necessary mathematical concepts when they have been presented in a typical concurrent mathematical course. The book also provides a quantitative understanding of the different concepts in a wide variety of specific situations. The topics covered, which are arranged according to increasing difficulty in a uniformly progressive pace, are temperature and heat; light and wavelength; particle motion on and special relativity; dynamics, laws of motion, momentum, work, and mechanical energy; electromagnetism; and thermodynamics. The material is recommended as a textbook for beginning physics students, as it aims to give its readers a smooth transition from high school to a college level of understanding on the subject.term present if the component has a pure reactance. ... 35-9 RESONANT CIRCUITS Equation (35-17) is the expression for the impedance of a series AC circuit. ... It is evident that, for a given value of the resistance R, the impedance Z is a minimum when (35-28) 1 2TrfC = ... be noted from Eqs. (35-19) and (35-20) that in a resonant parallel circuit the impedance is a maximum and the current is a minimum. ... 35-10 THE TRANSFORMER An alternating current has the advantage overanbsp;...

Title:Elements of Classical Physics
Author:Martin C. Martin, Charles A. Hewett
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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