Elements Of Power Systems

Elements Of Power Systems

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Power System ComponentsSingle line diagram of power system, Brief description of power system elements : Synchronous machine, Transformer, Transmission line, Bus bar, Circuit breaker and isolator.Supply SystemDifferent kinds of supply system and their comparison, Choice of transmission voltage.Transmission LinesConfigurations, Types of conductors, Resistance of line, Skin effect, Kelvin's law, Proximity effect.Overhead Transmission LinesCalculation of inductance and capacitance of single phase, Three phase, Single circuit and double circuit transmission lines, Representation and performance of short, medium and long transmission lines, Ferranti effect. Surge impedance loading.Corona and InterferencePhenomenon of corona, Corona formation, Calculation of potential gradient, Corona loss, Factors affecting corona, Methods of reducing corona and interference. Electrostatic and electromagnetic interference with communication lines.Overhead Line InsulatorsType of insulators and their applications, Potential distribution over a string of insulators, Methods of equalizing the potential, String efficiency.Mechanical Design of Transmission LineCatenary curve, Calculation of sag and tension, Effects of wind and ice loading, Sag template, Vibration dampers.Insulated CablesType of cables and their construction, Dielectric stress, Grading of cables, Insulation resistance, Capacitance of single phase and three phase cables, Dielectric loss, Heating of cables.Neutral GroundingNecessity of neutral grounding, Various methods of neutral grounding, Earthing transformer, Grounding practices.Electrical Design of Transmission LineDesign consideration of EHV transmission lines, Choice of voltage, Number of circuits, Conductor configuration, Insulation design, Selection of ground wires.EHV AC and HVDC TransmissionIntroduction to EHV AC and HVDC transmission and their comparison, Use of bundle conductors, Kinds of DC links, And incorporation of HVDC into AC system.A substation consists of a step down transformer of rating 33 kV to 6.6 kV or 3.3 kV. ... rnnciimorc Step up transformer 11 KV/220KV Step down transformer 220 kV / 33 kV Step down transformer 33 kV / 6.6 kV To large bulk loads like factories, anbsp;...

Title:Elements Of Power Systems
Author:M.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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