Elsevier's Dictionary of Technical Abbreviations

Elsevier's Dictionary of Technical Abbreviations

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The English-Russian dictionary of technical abbreviations contains nearly 65, 000 entries covering various fields and subfields of engineering and technology. Abbreviations are widely used in technical literature and, as a rule, they create difficulties for the reader. Numerous abbreviations are used in technical literature dealing with space, agriculture, electronics, computer science, chemistry, thermodynamics, nuclear engineering, refrigeration, cryogenics, machinery, aviation, business, accounting, optics, radio electronics, and military fields, including abbreviations used on a wide scale by the Navy, Airforce and the Army. In many instances the same abbreviation is used in most different fields of engineering and technology though depicting different notions. There are cases when the same abbreviation may have dozen of meanings, depending on the specific field of engineering. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order. A wide range of literature has been explored for the selection and translation of the abbreviations. The dictionary has been compiled by comparing parallel texts in both languages, and by consultation with experts. This publication will be invaluable to the personnel of designing bureaus and research institutions, and also to translators, scientists, researchers, designers and university personnel dealing with various fields of engineering and technology. approx. 125, 000 terms... EiE¾ErE¾EpEmE½EcN EoE¾NE¼EcN‡EmNEoE¾E³E¾ EdEiEiEdN€EdN‚Ed; 7. procedure preparation manual - N€NƒEoE¾E²E¾EaNN‚E²E¾ EiE¾ EiE¾EaE³E¾N‚E¾E²EoEm Eo EiN€E¾N†EmEaNƒN€EdE¼; 8. product performance ... 2. primaryplant nutrient-EaEmE¹NN‚E²NƒNŽN‰EmEm E²EmN‰EmNN‚E²E¾ PPNCpatrol plane navigator/ communicatorNˆN‚NƒN€E¼EdE½-N€EdEaEcNN‚ EiEdN‚N€NƒErNŒE½E¾E³E¾ ... E³EmN€N†; E“N†; 2. photopolarimeter subsystem - N„E¾N‚E¾EiE¾ErNN€EcE¼EmN‚N€ EoE¾NE¼EcN‡EmNEoE¾E³E¾ EdEiEiEdN€EdN‚Ed; 3. pictures per second - N‡EcNErE¾ EoEdEaN€E¾E² E² NEmEoNƒE½EaNƒ;anbsp;...

Title:Elsevier's Dictionary of Technical Abbreviations
Author:S. Bobryakov, M. Rosenberg
Publisher:Elsevier - 2005-03-23


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