Embedded Microcontrollers

Embedded Microcontrollers

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This practical book on designing real-time embedded systems using 8-and 16-bit microcontrollers covers both assembly and C programming and real-time kernels. Using a large number of specific examples, it focuses on the concepts, processes, conventions, and techniques used in design and debugging. Chapter topics include programming basics; simple assembly code construction; CPU12 programming model; basic assembly programming techniques; assembly program design and structure; assembly applications; real-time I/O and multitasking; microcontroller I/O resources; modular and C code construction; creating and accessing data in C; real-time multitasking in C; and using the MICROC/OS-II preemptive kernel. For anyone who wants to design small- to medium-sized embedded systems.We can use any division instruction except fdiv and only use the integer part of the result. ... Numerator, 48 -agt; ACCD ; Denominator, 10 -agt; IX ;Quot, $0004-agt;IX, Rem, $0008 -agt; ACCD uidiv ldd #48 ldx #10 idiv bcs divby0_err ... TABLE 7 3 CPU 12 DIVISION INSTRUCTIONS CPU 12 Addressing Modes Mnemonic Function CPU 11 INH IMM DIR EXT IDX [IDX] EDIV 32-by-16 Divide, unsigned X EDIVSanbsp;...

Title:Embedded Microcontrollers
Author:Todd D. Morton
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2001


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