EMF Book

EMF Book

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Electromagnetic fields and radiation are everywhere - near power lines, computers, radio and television signals, microwave ovens, toasters, alarm clocks and everyday electrical appliances. The media are warning of the possible hazards of EMFs and EMR and recent studies suggest that they cause leukaemia in children and breast and brain cancer in adults. This book gives facts about the dangers, revealing that most of us are exposed to radiation and electromagnetic fields everyday. It advises which levels to worry about, and how to minimize the risks. It is also a sourcebook for citizens seeking action from utility companies, employers, manufacturers and governmental agencies.For instance, a researcher attheStevens Instituteof Technologyin Hoboken, Newjersey, has developed a type of netting that he ... On the otherhand, you maybeableto arrangeyour officeso that the laserprinter isacrossthe roomandyour desk is thefarthest possible ... Telephone repairmen whowork with older equipment are exposed to pulsesevery time an electromechanical switch is thrown, which is whatanbsp;...

Title:EMF Book
Author:Mark Pinsky
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-10-31


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