Emission Detectors

Emission Detectors

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After decades of research and development, emission detectors have recently become the most successful instrumentation used in modern fundamental experiments searching for cold dark matter, and are also considered for neutrino coherent scattering and magnetic momentum neutrino measurement. This book is the first monograph exclusively dedicated to emission detectors. Properties of two-phase working media based on noble gases, saturated hydrocarbon, ion crystals and semiconductors are reviewed.Earlier attempts to achieve effective charge or light multiplication in noble liquids in the vicinity of thin wires were not ... 2004) were investigated but achieved only low amplification factors (of about 10a€“100) and poor energy resolutions. ... Figure 5.1 shows the band diagram of a diode emission detector. ... In gas, drifting electrons can acquire energy E2 which can be high enough to excite the gas and generate electroluminescence or result in avalanche multiplication of the electrons.

Title:Emission Detectors
Author:Alexander I. Bolozdynya
Publisher:World Scientific - 2010


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