Emotions in American History

Emotions in American History

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The study of emotions has attracted anew the interest of scholars in various disciplines, igniting a lively public debate on the constructive and destructive power of emotions in society as well as within each of us. Most of the contributors to this volume do not hail from the United States but look at the nation from abroad. They explore the role of emotions in history and ask how that exploration changes what we know about national and international history, and in turn how that affects the methodological study of history. In particular they focus on emotions in American history between the 18th century and the present: in war, in social and political discourse, as well as in art and the media. In addition to case studies, the volume includes a review of their fields by senior scholars, who offer new insights regarding future research projects.For example, saying a€œI love x, a€ or a€œI despise y, a€ usually means: a€œIf I encounter ( actually or in deliberations) elicitors x, or y, the emotion of love, or of ... Psychology does not yet offer them a reliable conceptual toolbox, but rather the kind of hypertrophy Titchener laments, and so historians fall ... Psychologists assume that there are processes/states that naturally belong to an empirical science like psychology.

Title:Emotions in American History
Author:Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2010-04-15


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