Empowered Living

Empowered Living

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a€œAntoinette has written a very readable book of extraordinary insight and creative expression about the seven human levels of spiritual awakening and growth. Following this booka€™s journey from healthy ego development to soul dominance will lead you Home.a€ Jacquelyn Small author of Awakening in Time, Becoming A Practical Mystic, and The Sacred Purpose of Being Human Let this Life-Guide Handbook Rekindle Your Hearta€™s Wisdom Am Reframe a€œOld Ways of Thinkinga€ into Powerful Perspectives Am Reduce Stress and Simplify Your Life Am Embrace Living as a Creative Process Am Realize the Inner-Outer Reality Connection Am Manifest the Life You Want Antoinette Levine writes an intimate and stunning tale of return from near-death and her recovery from the ravages of strokes and lupus. Interwoven with her personal story is a lifetime of knowledge gained through immersion in the study of spiritual metaphysics and self development. The author experienced success as a deana€™s list student of psychology and journalism, later an accomplished film industry professional. Inspirational messages offered in seven guided stages reflect Antoinettea€™s cumulative experience. Artful teachings of our life processes draw upon the chakra system as a template for transformation and self-growth. This book invites you to discover inner peace, wisdom and the freedom that living in alignment with Source brings. Explore the depths of your soul with self-inquiry exercises and distill what works for you. Rise up and rediscover your life purpose and the gifts you came to share. a€œWe all possess an innate strength to face challenges and thrive beyond adversity. Reclaim your Inner Power joyfully, utilizing this book as your guide. As you experience inner clearing work and remember Who You Really Are, uncaused joy awakens. Joy is our divine right. I staked my life on this Truth and returned to live and share it!a€A Guide to Being Your True Self Antoinette Levine ... I picked out a Toyota Matrix, though I still wasna#39;t ready to drive. Susie had referred me to Lee Hirsch, owner and operator of Mobility Quest. Behind the wheel of Leea#39;s double-pedal (gas ... I took my first plane trip since returning from Mexico in 2006. The sky was lit up by anbsp;...

Title:Empowered Living
Author:Antoinette Levine
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-05-25


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