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In August 2009, Sheela Jon came to Nepal and met a 3 year old blind girl in the main government orphanage. Her niece picked the little girl up, and the workers told her not to pick her up as she has 'bad karma' as she is blind. She came back in 2010 and met the little girl again, and had a strong calling to adopt her and bring her back to the UK. In September 2011, she embarked upong the long and ardous process of adoption under Nepalese law, battling with officials who considered her to be a women with no standing and the little girl to be completely invisible. She discovered corruption and abuse, and finally her daughter's visa to the UK was refused, and she is still in Kathmandu waiting for the appeal to be heard.FyI (cos I know youa#39;re dead keen on adoption law) ADOPTION AND CHILDREN ACT 2002 SECTION 83: restriction on bringing children In 218: section 83 imposes restrictions on british residents bringing or causing someone else to bring aanbsp;...

Author:Celia Jon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-05-16


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