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We live in an era of American history shaped by a sense of discouragement so enormous that it is holding us hostage and paralyzing our forward progress. The core values that have made us a great nation---our ingenuity, hard work, perseverance and concern for one another as fellow citizens---are threatened by a toxic combination of greed, fraud, incompetence and exploitation. The result for all strata of our society is a condition of imbalance, mistrust, uncertainty and cynicism. Hence, what rises to the surface is not our American can-do-ness but rather our deepest, craziest fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).I want to MSH, make stuff happen, not VSE, validate someonea#39;s excuse for failure . ... I love ice hockey, in spite of living in Texas, and I love giving workshops for coaches and players. ... playing hockey on a team filled with daring young men whose families should glow in the dark because they have so much to be proud of?

Author:JoAn Majors
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2011-06-14


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