Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science -

Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science -

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This comprehensive reference collects fundamental theories and recent research from a wide range of fields including biology, biochemistry, physics, applied mathematics, and computer, materials, surface, and colloid science-providing key references, tools, and analytical techniques for practical applications in industrial, agricultural, and forensic processes, as well as in the production of natural and synthetic compounds such as foods, minerals, paints, proteins, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and soaps.454-457 LS (See Light scattering (LS)) Lyogel, definition of, 4292 Lysozyme. bacteriophage T4. in protein film formation. ... 41 19-4120 Macroion. electrical fluctuations around, in electrolyte, 1705-1712 Macropores. definition of. ... 1565- 1566 MCMB (See Mesocarbon microbeads (MCMB)) MC simulation (See Monte Carlo (MC) simulation ) Mean-field ... solid-liquid interfaces with. ellipsometric studies of, 2120-2121 organic, dispersibility of metal colloids to. correlation diagram of.

Title:Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science -
Author:Arthur T. Hubbard
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-07-18


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