Energy Meditation - Healing the Body, Freeing the Spirit

Energy Meditation - Healing the Body, Freeing the Spirit

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Energy healing is a traditional Eastern therapy that exists today as alternative medicine in the West. To gain the most benefits, the roots and principles of therapeutic energy healing evident in Taoism, Buddhism, traditional Oriental medicine, and martial arts practices, need to be understood to nurture effective healing in contemporary living. Since energy healing is an oral tradition and there are few genuine healers today who can truly cure or transmit true teachings. In the author's travels to South-East Asia in Penang, he was fortunate to meet a remarkable master energy healer of Qigong, Sifu Yap Soon Yeong, who is the founder of Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ). The author soon became convinced that CFQ was unique in that it is the only energy healing system that is truly good enough to deliver on its claims on transforming mind, body, and spirit. This book records, for the first time, Master Yapa€™s CFQ or a€œradiant Goldbody energy meditationa€ healing system.The person who does not bother about whether he or she has cancer may live with it undiagnosed until a ripe old age! a€œI can see this is ... But if detected too late , the cancer cells metastasize and spread to other parts of the body and becomes incurable. While confined only to the ... But how long does it take for the cancer to spread to other places? 10 years? ... a€œYou have used a general worda€”decaya€”to describe the cancer including figuratively the smell of death.a€ Cancer cells areanbsp;...

Title:Energy Meditation - Healing the Body, Freeing the Spirit
Author:Chok C. Hiew
Publisher:iUniverse - 1999-12-01


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