Enfield, Connecticut

Enfield, Connecticut

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Since its founding in 1683, Enfield has experienced a wealth of changes, including the inception of a Shaker community that made Enfield its home for more than a century, the emergence of an immigrant population, and the rise and fall of its two key industries of carpet and gunpowder. Thompsonville's carpet mill operation grew into a huge industrial complex and became the center of village life, while the gunpowder industry took hold in Hazardville, peaking in prosperity during the Civil War and subsequently declining as the need for wartime products waned. In Enfied, Connecticut, the rich history of this New England town is enlivened by over 200 photographs from the 1880s to the 1950s. Combined with extensively researched, informative captions, the snapshots and postcards in this collection enrich our understanding of the communities of Enfield. Preserved within these pages are a variety of images of the people who have contributed to the town's unique character. View rare shapshots of Enfield's founding families as well as its immigrant workers, and learn about the influence that the peaceful Shaker community had on the area, both in terms of fellowship and craftmanship.Two. THOMPSONVILLE. THE. CARPET. CITY. The village of Thompsonville got its name in 1828, when Oftin Thompson built his fitst catpet mill on Fteshwatet Btook. Although thete had been fatming and gtazing activity in the atea atoundanbsp;...

Title:Enfield, Connecticut
Author:Michael K. Miller
Publisher:Arcadia Publishing - 1999-08-01


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