Engineer to Win

Engineer to Win

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Introduction to metallurgy -- Plastic and elastic deformation of metals -- Iron and steel making -- Alloying and heat treatment of steels -- Historic overview of man's production of iron and steel -- Non-ferrous metals and their metallurgy-composite materials -- Metal fatigue: or why things break -- Threaded fasteners: an educated re-look -- The joining of materials: riveting, bonding a welding -- Plumbing revisited -- Braking system -- Pre- and postnatal care for the racing wheel and tire -- Springs and shock absorbers -- Load transfer and suspension geometry -- Gearbox and final drive -- Changes in the world of vehicle dynamics -- Tools a tips -- Beancounting for the non-beancounter -- Bits a pieces -- Corporations that the racer should know aboutYou get what you pay for in this world and it has been my experience that after Recaro it is all downhill in the ... It is a very firm foam which reacts to body heat and, in a few minutes, shapes itself to the individual body that happens to be ... Most of what comes in our racing cars, regardless of the price, is simply inadequate.

Title:Engineer to Win
Author:Carroll Smith
Publisher:Motorbooks International - 1984


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