English for Life Learner's Book Grade 5 Home Language

English for Life Learner's Book Grade 5 Home Language

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In English for Life Grade 5 you will be covering a range of interesting, thought-provoking and often humorous texts with integrated activities through which you will also improve your language use for some of your other subjects. These texts form the basis for extending your understanding and application of language use and communicative skills, for interpreting and responding to a variety of visual material and for reading, understanding and responding to literature. Furthermore you will participate in assessing your progress and language competence by using various methods and instruments such as rating scales, checklists, and rubrics. You will continuously listen and speak, read and view, write and present and at the same time you will practise using English functionally, fluently and creatively by producing a range of language texts for particular purposes, audiences and contexts, both orally and in writing. You will have the opportunity to role play or play-read dramas, and to write your own stories and poems. English for Life Grade 5 is an integrated language textbook for learners taking English as their Home Language.Here are some tips for reading aloud: a€c Pronounce each word carefully and clearly. ... Limericks are easy to say quite fast, but dona#39;t go so fast that your audience cana#39;t hear you. ... A poem by Roald Dahl Do you know who Roald Dahl is?

Title:English for Life Learner's Book Grade 5 Home Language
Author:Lynne Southey, Megan Howard, Sonica Bruwer
Publisher:Best Books - 2013-10-31


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