Enhanced Security Models for Network Protocols

Enhanced Security Models for Network Protocols

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Unfortunately, such strong security guarantees come with a price: they are impossible to achieve without the use of some trusted setup. Typically, this trusted setup is global in nature, and takes the form of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and/or a Common Reference String (CRS). However, the current approach to modeling security in the presence of such setups falls short of providing expected security guarantees. A quintessential example of this phenomenon is the deniability concern: there exist natural protocols that meet the strongest known security notions (including UC) while failing to provide the same deniability guarantees that their task specifications imply they should provide.Briefly, Ic-protocols are simply Ip-protocols with an extra property that one can generate a public reference parameter I ... in the GUC setting the simulator is not allowed to know a trapdoor I„ for any globally published reference parameter I, anbsp;...

Title:Enhanced Security Models for Network Protocols
Author:Shabsi Walfish
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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