Enrico Albyvendie

Enrico Albyvendie

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A small corner of working class London in the early part of the twentieth century is the opening setting for the story of a young music hall entertainer, Enrico Albyvendie. From his background as a penniless orphan, he eventually becomes an accomplished conjurer and illusionist but struggles to make a living in the itinerant world of Vaudeville. To supplement his modest income he has a bizarre part time job working for a well known and respected psychic medium. He also gets involved in marketing a unique health elixir with a show business friend, typical of the quack cures that were popular in Edwardian England. In the meantime and unknown to Enrico, sinister forces are also at work as a grossly inefficient German spy ring is actively engaged in attempting to blackmail a politician for naval secrets. Not content with this, they are also engaged in a diabolical plot to kill thousands of ordinary civilians as the storm clouds of World War I begin to gather. Enrico is one of the few young men of his generation who are not able to serve their country on active service. As an innocent bystander, he becomes personally involved with these events and his life becomes a strangely mixed adventure of tragedy, wealth and eventual happiness. Front cover illustration by Marika Berkeley. 'Published by Trafford in association with Evansyde Associates.'Enrico got in touch with him a few days later to say that the show was shortly moving to Brighton for a short run and that he ... Julian went down to Brighton by train for the day before the show closed at the a#39;Meta#39; and fixed up suitable accommodation for virtually everyone in the ... Schwarz had followed George Lane to the a#39;Meta#39; on the last night in London and sat near him in the audience for part of the show.

Title:Enrico Albyvendie
Author:Colin Peck
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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