Enter and Die!

Enter and Die!

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Enter and Die is a true war story about Jim Milliken and the Third Platoon, Delta Company, Second/Sixtieth, of the Ninth Infantry Division and their service in Vietnam. It is an accurate account of the historical facts and the time frame in which it occurred. The first-person soldiera€™s narration captivates the reader by becoming emotionally involved with the members of the Third Platoon. The author describes his feelings and thought processes when he is shot, kills the enemy, and witnesses the death and wounding of enemy soldiers and comrades. The book is characterized by one memorable event after another of graphic violence, unusual experiences, and comical episodes. People will wonder how Milliken survived the war after the many near-death situations revealed in the book. Readersa€™ comments range from a€œWow! Wow!a€ a€œEasy to read, a€ a€œThe book flows well, a€ a€œExtremely emotionala€”I began to cry, a€ a€œThe detail and present tense make one feel he is experiencing the eventsa€ to a€œGripping!a€ a€œYou bared your soul, a€ a€œThe honesty of the writer is apparent throughout the book.a€On the fifth landing, Larry and I walk point in a dense undergrowth of briars, which tears my fatigues when we ... Iyell to Larry, a€œMy crotch just ripped completely out of my fatigues. ... I take off my boots and give her my fatigue pants to repair.

Title:Enter and Die!
Author:James W. Milliken
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-06-15


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