Entering the Real World

Entering the Real World

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Entering the Real World is a collection of practical ideas to empower young adults as they enter and adjust to the real world. The ideas are simple, straightforward and easy to adapt; no major life changes are needed (though some could result). Most high schools and colleges still focus primarily on academics and ignore teaching practical skills needed to thrive in the real world. Role models for young adults are often entertainers, Olympic athletes and sports figures, all of whom devote much time to achieve their goals. Self-help media most often teach about major changes that are needed to succeed with a new approach to living. Instead, Entering the Real World offers smaller but powerful ideas that can be applied immediately and successfully to onea€™s life without a a€œmajor internal overhaul.a€ Some of the booka€™s more than 140 ideas include how to: Interview successfully and enter the workforce Get great reference letters Think for oneself Begin building wealth (despite thousands of dollars in student loans) Manage time effectively Communicate clearly in business and personal relationships Benefits Over 140 straightforward, easily usable and adaptable ideas Save time and money by preventing common mistakes Shorten the learning curve to adapt to the real world Get ahead faster Get a head start over your peers Touches on aspects of mental illnesses often overlooked or shoveled under the rug Special Features Many ideas are cross-referenced for easy access The book is designed in small sections for easy reading on a mobile device Most sections end with a a€œTakeawaya€ and/or a a€œTake Action!a€ that, respectively, summarize the section and suggest actions a reader can take to act on the ideas The a€œTakeawaya€ and a€œTake Action!a€ segments for each chapter appear at the end of the chapter as a summary Authora€™s website available for: Download of files referenced in the book Errata Interaction among readers to post comments and suggestions Providing feedback about the book through a feedback page with an option for anonymityOr use a a€œnumbered lista€ feature in a word processor, which makes it easy to add, remove, and update entries, as well as to ... can be found in figure 7.1 and on the a€œDownloada€ section of this booka#39;s website, file To_Do_List_Example.docx.

Title:Entering the Real World
Author:David Kramer
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2014-11-25


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