Environmental Decision-Making in Context

Environmental Decision-Making in Context

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Because of the complexity involved in understanding the environment, the choices made about environmental issues are often incomplete. In a perfect world, those who make environmental decisions would be armed with a foundation about the broad range of issues at stake when making such decisions. Offering a simple but comprehensive understanding of the critical roles science, economics, and values play in making informed environmental decisions, Environmental Decision-Making in Context: A Toolbox provides that foundation. The author highlights a primary set of intellectual tools from different disciplines and places them into an environmental context through the use of case study examples. The case studies are designed to stimulate the analytical reasoning required to employ environmental decision-making and ultimately, help in establishing a framework for pursuing and solving environmental questions, issues, and problems. They create a framework individuals from various backgrounds can use to both identify and analyze environmental issues in the context of everyday environmental problems. The book strikes a balance between being a tightly bound academic text and a loosely defined set of principles. It takes you beyond the traditional pillars of academic discipline to supply an understanding of the fundamental aspects of what is actually involved in making environmental decisions and building a set of skills for making those decisions.If.we.only.had.one.known.natural.resource.that. could.accomplish.the.goal.of. producing.electricity ... Since.electricity.seems. to.be.an.absolute.necessity.for. human.advancement.and.well-being, .we.can.see.the. ... Sometimes.the.water. stops.flowing.in.a.drought, .leading.to.lower.hydro- electric.production.

Title:Environmental Decision-Making in Context
Author:Chad J. McGuire
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-04-25


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