Environmental Organic Chemistry

Environmental Organic Chemistry

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As the perfect complement to the highly acclaimed Environmental Organic Chemistry, this companion volume enriches the textbook with illustrative examples, applications, practical problems, and case studies. Expanded to include treatment of groundwater systems, rivers, and porous media, this work may also serve as a valuable stand-alone text/reference. Keyed to related topics in Environmental Organic Chemistry, the support material provided in this book includes: * Challenging problem sets * Illustrative calculations that clarify the theoretical discussions in the text * Case studies dealing with the integrative modeling of organic compounds in various aquatic systems * Coverage of the basic concepts of modeling * A review of current literature * Meticulous cross-referencing to the equations, tables, and figures of Environmental Organic Chemistry Environmental Organic Chemistry: Illustrative Examples, Problems, and Case Studies brings together theory and practice, while developing problem-solving skills and the critical use of sophisticated models-a valuable supplement to an outstanding text.Unfortunately, your search for aqueous solubility data of CHsBr is unsuccessful. In the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics you only find the following data for 94.9 g-mola#39;1 - 95.0AdC 1.73g-cm-2 In addition, solubility data (25AdC) Solubilityanbsp;...

Title:Environmental Organic Chemistry
Author:René P. Schwarzenbach, Philip M. Gschwend, Dieter M. Imboden
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1995-05-08


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